Doctors, insurance companies and pharmacies- they all seem to be after money rather than the good of the patient. I started taking Remicade infusions a little over a year ago. I took a 5 hour infusion every 6 weeks. That is a lot of time sitting in a chair feeling like crap. It makes you tired and drained and you just want to sleep for a week. For most people, Remicade works wonders…again, I have to be weird and be the person that it does bad for.

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After my first infusion I started having reactions. My blood pressure would bottom out, my heart would try to run its own marathon and oh my gosh I felt like I was dying. I lost it. I begged my doctor to switch meds but she was convinced that premedicating me with more drugs would dull the effects…so I shut up and let the person with the Medical degree do her thing.

So what does every sane person do when they think they are dying?? Webmd of course! I mean , why not? Webmd has ALL of the answers to everything and if you aren’t dying , you will be by the time you research why your thumb feels numb.

With all jesting aside… I did get online but not webmd. I went crazy research obsessed paramedic on my doctor. I pulled every study I could find….and ….I switched doctors. Sometimes you have to do what’s best for you.

Skip forward a few months and I am now with an AMAZING doctor…but I throw him a curve ball. Here I am with not one but TWO autoimmune diseases and I tell him I want another baby… He steps back, sighs and says ok. This just made things harder on us but let’s do it!

Now is when I tell you that if you have any drug related questions revolving around pregnancy or breastfeeding look up “mothertobaby” they are a research group that studies effects of medicine on pregnancy and lactation. They are amazing!

The drug everyone agreed was best for me was a newly FDA approved TNF blocker called Cimzia. It is given by injection . The research is proven. It is pregnancy safe. It is breastfeeeding safe. It is for Crohn’s. It is for Ankylosing Spondylitis. It is perfect.

And in walks insurance…..

Insurance DID NOT want to pay for this drug because it is super expensive and new. So back to the drawing board. I broke out everything I’ve learned about research in my ten years of being a career student and fought back.

Today., I received my second loading dose. I feel like I’ve been hit by a train and I will probably sleep the rest of the day. This drug does severely depress my immune system but I’m hoping it is goimg to put me back in the saddle again. My doctor is hopeful and I’m excited. But I could not be seeing the light at the end of this three year long tunnel if it wasn’t for perseverance and a good dose of stubborn.

So whatever your battle is, whatever you believe in…study up, gather your sources and fight YOUR battle. Don’t wait on someone else to fight it for you.

Eat Bray Love ❤

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