Pee pees , tee pees and donkey poop

I’m a southern girl. It’s pretty cliche but I do believe the things that are imprinted on us from an early age, and our ideals, are different than the rest of the country. From early on , I knew that I would have a big church wedding, a beautiful farm with a long white fence, animals of every kind and most importantly kids. I imagined having a boy and a girl who somehow always stayed immaculant in cute little rompers and Lord knows they NEVER had tantrums….

I’m pretty sure God uses me as comic relief….

I’m 28 years old, on my second marriage and have two boys who routinely strip butt naked and try to pee on each other…pre -child me would have looked on in horror…current me just walks in the other room and attempts to clean up yesterday’s dirty dishes.

Life….life is not a fairy tale…or is it? Fairy tales always have a Prince that saves the princess and then lots of singing and dancing. There is always some goofy animal character that steals the show by doing stupid stuff. (we have lots of those) . Our life is far from pristine but the joy that settles in after one if the boys finally gets his aim right with his pee pee and makes that big pee puddle in the mud…its pretty infectious. Disgusting but infectious. Or when the boys insist on cleaning the donkey’s stall on their own and end up throwing manure at each other. What’s the point in getting mad? Why not dig in and try it for yourself? After all, in my 3 year olds words “it’s juussttt poop mmmoooommm” (insert eye roll)

I spent the day today teaching an EMT basic class. These are 18 year old kids who will soon be trained to save someone’s life. If you are dying, do you want the person who is so rigid that they can’t find humor in life or do you want the person who can adapt and change? One thing we went over today was how short and unpredictable life can be. At any moment, your world can fall apart.

What will matter most when that time comes? For me, I want my kids to remember a mom who chased them with the hose pipe and let them run butt naked. There’s always going to be time to clean the house and do laundry. That stuff can wait-your kids and family can’t.

I challenge you to let go and let loose…be like a donkey, they don’t care who hears them ❤

Eat Bray Love ❤


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