The Annual School Candy Sale-ethically unjust…

The yearly candy fundraiser. The delectable, tasty, melt in your mouth chocolate that every school teacher sends home, with a smile, to the yoga pant clad mother. It is our first year selling candy and at first I was super excited to finally get a go at this whole “school mom” thing…then I got home…I got to my house, already exhausted, and I had two rambunctious toddlers bouncing off every wall of my too tiny home. I NEEDED ENERGY. I started looking for caffeine…there was not a single drop in my house (this is due to my husband clearing out my sodas while I was deployed to world equestrian games💁) and there were no sweets because I haven’t went shopping yet….but then my eyes fall on that very full box of fundraising chocolate … I refrained for an entire ten minutes…

In those ten minutes, Connor stripped naked and peed in the floor, Wesley got put in time out a gazillion times, one of the dogs peed in the floor, diaper got taken off AGAIN…I NEEDED chocolate.

I gave in…I have thoroughly enjoyed a caramel bar and a crispy bar…and LET ME TELL YOU…those 30 seconds of scarfing down a chocolate bar hiding behind the pantry door was the highlight of my day.

Now… I’m begging you…please buy a chocolate bar from me before I buy the entire box…


One very very very tired toddler mom


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