The Morphology of the Farm Husband…

When David and I met, I made it pretty clear from the get go that cowboy boots, dirt, messy hair and animals were just part of the package that was me. He 100% knew what he was getting into….ok maybe only 40% knew but still… I grew up following my Papaw around in the earliest hours of the morning to milk the cows. I grew up learning how to tell when the tomatoes were ripe enough to bring in to can for the winter. I grew up knowing what it’s like to get thrown in the dirt…over and over again.

Finding a man that has done that as well is ridiculously HARD.
When I realized that David and I could be a thing, I was in shock…I mean this was this tall, handsome, smart guy and he was looking at me! (Pretty sure he must be blind by this point) Then comes the kicker-have you ever lived on a farm? Do you know anything about horses?
Luckily we hit right in the middle. He grew up with a mom who LOVED animals as much as me and who had grown up on a working farm…so maybe HE hadn’t grown up like me BUT the foundation was there.
I think I knew he was a keeper somewhere around the two month mark. This is about the time he started to realize how deep this farm obcession ran. He, like a lot of men, still eats like he is in high school. With that comes a lot if eggs…so I suggested that he let me buy him a few hens to put in his back yard. He gave me $20 …I came home with 30 birds. 🙈 I ended up rehomeing all but 10 and he had plenty of eggs.  That was the start. I knew that this was my guy.
Ever since then, whenever I call him and start the conversation out “honey I love you” , he has learned to simply ask “how many legs does it have?” He knows there is no point in arguing with me because a farm girl has to have her creatures.
We now have a big 20 acre farm that is a huge work in progress. We have five dogs, four cats , seven chickens, two guineas and of course, a donkey. He humors me everyday as the honey do list gets longer. He let’s me keep four baby chicks in our bathroom until they are big enough to go out. Lastly he takes care of everything while I’m gone.
The last two week’s I’ve been gone periodically due to deploying to the world equestrian games …so the kids and animals were in his hands. I get home Sunday and everyone is alive. House is upside down, but…everyone is alive.
My only thing is when I came down the driveway, Pappy came barreling towards me, braying his little heart out…Something just looked off. Couldn’t really figure out what until he shoves his head into me….David had put his fly mask on UPSIDE DOWN (see below)😂 I didnt even know that was possible.
So….we are headed in the right direction. One day he will be a true blue farmer but for now I am happy to be content with my farm husband ❤
Eat *Bray*Love

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