Who else has considered signing up to be the guinea pig on this whole head transplant thing? Y’all- I am one setback away from personally dialing up that doc and telling him I’m in.

Ok…maybe not really but a new body sounds pretty nifty right about now- I mean, think about it…you could treat it like a new car-outlaying all the bells and whistles that you ever wanted.

For me-I just want to have my pain decreased and to ride horses again. Today I visited a neurosurgeon to discuss a neurosheath tumor that is encapsulating my S3 nerve in my right hip. I’ve known about it for a month and have been through two MRIs. My doc told me that they are “fairly” certain it is benign so he thinks removal would be far too risky…sooo what am I suppose to do? Limp around the rest of my life? Give up horses for good?

No doc…just no. This curveball is a little much considering I just had hip surgery in March (femural acetabular impingment). I was suppose to be nice and greased up for the next ten years and able to conquer the world!

Obviously not…

Curveballs are funny aren’t they? You never see them coming . For me they are always medical- at least for the last three years- but for you they might be something completely different.

Well-I’m going to fight. I don’t feel like it but I’m going to. People say I’m strong but what they dont see is me wanting to just curl up in a ball and give up…so if that’s how you feel too…then join me. Link virtual arms with me and rise up and fight your battle. We will all survive . We will a make it through .

I thoroughly believe God is letting this happen to me for a reason. I dont know why yet but I’m going to find out…eventually.

As for Pappy, the donkey, he is my saving grace. He comes running up to me every time I go down to the pasture. He is gentle andand understanding. He wants to learn. Maybe I’m meant to just be the crazy donkey lady and drive donkeys around town – that doesn’t sound awful to me!

We will see where this curveball goes. One step at a time.


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