My cat smells like lemon soap…I smell like goat poop….

I usually get mixed reactions when I tell people about my life. Most people: ” oh my gosh I want to come pet your animals! They are so sweet and cute”….Close second “you have hoooowww many animals??? That’s too expensive and eeeeww the poop and the ssssmmmmeeelllll”…cue eye roll.

Thing is…all of the above are true. Most days the animals do get stinky and annoying and boy do they get expensive when they decide to get sick BUT they are super cute and the best medicine when you’ve had a bad day.

Next remark is how do you do it all… I don’t ! Let me walk you through my day…

Today I worked a half day at GEMS to pick up more hours. I woke up at 4 and hit the snooze until 5…after all the kids had been up and down all night and I could afford to snooze today because I was out of a station 10 min from my house.

0500 comes….

Cue panic….

Jump up, attempt to look presentable, maybe some halfhearted makeup and a shake of the uniform to get the wrinkles out and I was out the door. Barn kitten jumps in my truck…I almost leave with him…sit him on porch….get in truck…dang it how did he get back in truck! ….sit back on porch….he beats me AGAIN….forget it…he is going inside…open door-get the side eye from David for handing him a cute purring kitten…oh well….

Finally get in my truck and head out. Forget my wallet….and my badge…head back in…its 0535…I feel like it should be 0800 by now….

I eventually get to work and have a great morning with very few calls. I call David at 0800 to see if he has turned Pappy and George the goat out (different story different day)…

He moans and says kids are still asleep…Im pretty confident he works voodoo because they don’t sleep past 0700 when I’m home…totally not fair…

By the time I get home I have received 10 emails about Christmas soap orders (if you want soap order now j/s)

We feed kids lunch, I took a shower and then sat down to get Connor to take a nap….

After David went to work at 1400 I loaded kids up to make a soap delivery…then my kid requests to go to hobby lobby…my TODDLER knows what hobby lobby is….this is where my paycheck goes….so we trot on down to hobby lobby to buy some stuff for candle making. (Craft fair coming up plus soap orders 😳)

Then I get home and George the goat has firmly planted himself on the porch refusing to go to his barn for the night! I think I will start comparing toddlers to goats because he threw a tantrum worth of a prize! I hiked up my pants and drug/pushed/carried a 90 pound goat down the hill, through the mud and finally into his barn…

I walk back to the truck to see Wesley , sans pants, standing in the seat of my truck arching his peepee through my window to make mud on the ground………Connor finds this awesome and hilarious…I need to invest in truck carpet cleaner…

Next comes Pappy…I clean a stall and uneventfully put him away…at least something goes as planned…

Once inside we start a batch of soap, then start dinner and baths and bedtimes…

Wesley is crying because star trek doesn’t come on until eight and it’s currently 6.

The cat that jumped in my truck this morning must have snuck in and has somehow climbed through the bowl that I mixed my soap in and is COVERED in lemon soap…plus side is he smells amazing…down side…my arms look like I fought a weed eater…

So end of day….I have a sobbing nerdy 3 year old mad because his circa 1970 tv show isn’t coming on and I just want a hot shower because I smell like I’ve been wrestling a newly weathered billy goat who still smell of hormonal pee…

So yes…animal stink…they are annoying…..they argue….stomp…headbutt…eat continuously….beg for attention….

Wait…I forgot if I was talking about the animals or the toddlers….

Needless the animals and the kids and the husband are all pretty cool…and stinky…and awesome…and aggravating and loving at the end of the day….

So tell me why you don’t have a farm ??












1 thought on “My cat smells like lemon soap…I smell like goat poop….”

  1. Lol. I’m worn out just hearing about your day. But such a cute sweet family is definitely worth the hectic schedule- especially when they can smell like lemonade 🤣


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