Christmas Magic…

So the man in the big red suit who drives a big sleigh pulled by reindeer through the sky MIGHT not be real…but Christmas magic is.

To me, Christmas Magic is that butterfly feeling in your gut you get the first day that Hobby Lobby lays out their Christmas spread or the day you start seeing all of the husband’s, standing on ladders, stringing up lights while their wives supervise from below. It’s easy to get drawn away from the pure joy of the season and get caught up in shopping and wrapping gifts. We spend SO much money on gifts every year . People panic because they can’t buy their child the “IT” toy for the year that cost who knows how much money. They save all year and put things on lay away just to be paying off the price tag for the next six months . It’s madness. It is insanity. I challenge you to ask- where is the magic in that?

The very reason we give presents, or even the reason we have a Christmas, is because God gave us the PERFECT gift all those years ago in the form of his child, Jesus. This child was not wrapped in gold, but rather swaddling clothes/rags. He was in a barn not a upscale hotel. Wise men brought him oils of every kind but the shepherds brought lowly sheep.

Think of the magic in the air that night. Think of the magic as they saw that star and started their journey. I can Just imagine their excitement as they knew they were getting ready to see the gift that they had been waiting for !

This is the kind of excitement we need to embrace. We need to find a way to instill in our kids an excitement and thankfulness for whatever they receive. Then maybe the magic will return. What would happen if we gave our children a way to be together like board games, movies, family trips etc… Instead of video games and PlayStations.

In my home, we are trying to get back to Christmas Magic. I refuse to raise children who are entitled and spoiled and separated from reality by being in front of a screen all of the time.

Pretty much everyone knows what the boys are getting for Christmas-a two month old Jersey heifer calf 😬. This is a gift that will get them outside and working hard. They will bottle feed her then wean her . They will help take care of her and one day ….raise her calf. As a family- we are going to Arizona to visit family. THAT is magic. The boys meeting their great grandparents will be MAGIC.

Yes…there will still be some toys but they will not be in excess. If you are a family member you can look forward to something handmade by the boys and something crafty from me.

I challenge you.

I challenge you to step back and enjoy.

I challenge you to look at the tree and relish decorating it.

I challenge you to buy matching Pjs and binge watch Christmas movies on a pallet in front of the fire

I challenge you to be PRESENT and to not just buy presents.

I challenge you to put your phone down. Leave it in a basket and talk to your family. Play a board game with your kids. LOVE.

I challenge you to help someone. Spread the magic. Give a present to the homeless. Take toys to a Foster child. Foster or adopt a shelter pet.

Spread Christmas Magic.


Eat *Bray*Love

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