Thankful for the bad

I am a believer in the fact that everything happens for a reason- every mishap, every stumble, every devastation.

As our earthly clock ticks, we encounter events that ultimately lead us to the end. How we reach and embrace those events can change out lives in tiny or drastic ways either for the bad or the good….

I grew up in a Christian home surrounded by the promise of eternal life-Filled with the promise of God’s love and peace. When you grow up believing in a loving and forgiving God, it is hard to grasp when bad things happen….but the thing is ….there’s a reason .

If I had not been married to a complete jerk who, at one point, tried to kill me….who made me leave school because he believed women shouldn’t be smarter than men….then I would have never taken my EMT basic class. If I had never taken my EMT class I wouldn’t be applying to PA school this year or teaching classes at Gaston College.

Now I have my Bachelors in EMS as a paramedic. Most days are fun and rewarding but some are rough. Some make you yell at God and as WHY???

The thing is, we might not know why he lets children die or newly weds become widows….but that will be determined in their path. The reason we run those calls though, they make us better . They sharpen our skills abd make us learn so we can be better for the next patient. We loose one so we can win ten.

Today I’m thankful for that.

I am thankful for every tear I have cried because it means I survived.

I am a wife, a mom, a medic.

God’s plans are huge and they might not be the same as mine but I know they will be wonderful.

So step back and look at the puzzle that is your life. Ask what if. What if the bad hadn’t happened? Would you have the same job, house, wife, husband, kids? What has changed due to tragedy. Embrace it because you can’t change it.

There is always a reason.


Eat . Bray. Love

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