Respect in a disrespectful world

I avoid politics. They are by far one of my least favorite things. Dad, if you are reading this, you love politics enough to make up for the both of us ๐Ÿ˜œ…

But in the light of President George HW Bush’s death, I feel there are somethings that need to be said…

From the time of George Washington, the time where democracy and structure were first introduced as the foundation of this great country-there has been disagreement. There have been people who loved the president and people who hated him. In the past, however, even the people who hated the president, respected him…they respected the country, the flag and they surely respected the military.

We live in a time now where respect is gone. No one cares what our forefathers fought for. Just take into account what our president’s job is. Think about the weight of responsibility that he has. Think about how literally every single decision he makes is being judge by the entire world. How he makes decisions for what he believes will benefit the larger population. I don’t care if you are Democrat or Republican. If you think the president is great or if you think he’s an idiot. And I’m not talking about our current one-I’m talking about every president that we have ever had.

Over the last week, I have read some amazing stories about President George HW Bush. He seemed to be loved by even the opposite parties. Then at his funeral-the picture that has been shared thousands of times- Senator Dole stood and saluted the deceased president. He had to have assistance but he still STOOD.

What happened to that generation? Now all we have is a generation so worried about getting offended and that if it doesn’t fit their agenda then it isn’t right. Since when does your opinion trump respect?

All I ask is for you to consider thinking. I get that you might not like or agree with our president …but until the end of his term…he is OUR president…democracy allowed for a majority vote and he won . Be thankful that we live in a democracy.

Look at the funeral this week. Pay tribute to a man that served in our military and as our president. Whether you liked him or not, he dedicated his life to help our country whether you agreed or not.

So…I challenge you to be like Senator Dole and salute. Don’t sacrifice respect to prove your point or your agenda. Don’t tread on the graves and the flag of people who have given the ultimate sacrifice …because in the end ……we are in this together and America is a great nation …

So. This holiday season…can we not all just respect differences and support our administration? Can we not support each other and have grown up discussions and debates instead of ignorant and childish protests?

I hope you accept this challenge and really think about what it means to be an American this Christmas season


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