A Paramedic’s New Year

Balloons, fireworks, nice glass of champagne, laughter, love and fun. New Year’s Eve parties are the highlight of the year for people of all ages. Everyone stays up late waiting for that final 10 second countdown when that shiny ball drops and the camera pans through crowds laughing and cheering…friends hugging…couples getting engaged…the list goes on….

Then there’s the paramedic. There are many others that could be squeezed into this story such as police and fireman but for this purpose, I want you to consider your local paramedic. The one stationed in your area for the night. You don’t know them and hopefully you have never seen them-but they are there. They have probably just cleared a call and are joking about getting to actually see the ball drop for the first time in five years…not because they slept through it the last five time but because they were out on the streets saving people who suffered the consequences of their decisions or worse-someone else’s.

I haven’t worked the last few new years since I am now a day shifter but oh how I have brought in the new year in the years prior. One year I ran a cardiac arrest of a woman in her late 90s who her husband tried to wake to see the ball drop but she was already gone. The next year I ran a drunk driver who rolled his car and took out a telephone pole yet he was so intoxicated that he didn’t realized how injured he was.  Another was a man who went out and hubg himself because he wanted his family to have a fresh year without him in it-first person his kids talked to that year was me and I had to tell them their dad was gone.There have been several more “first calls” or as they are labeled “2019-00001” but these are the two that stand out. The one thing I always remember is We never get to see that darn ball drop.

2018, in my county, presented our agency with somewhere around 36000 calls. You do the math. It’s ALOT.

So when you see a paramedic out at the gas station tomorrow (or any day) buy us a coffee-I guarantee we need it.

Be careful tonight and every night. We are ready to respond but we would rather know you are making good choices.

Remember that death stops for no one. Just because it is a holiday doesn’t stop death from knocking. We all meet with death eventually, dont rush it with stupidity.

Go into the new year thankful for family and health and the ability to be with your family on holidays. We don’t get that luxury most days.

We are on the streets to save you when life catches up to you. We work along side the best men and women in Police and Fire. We protect each other and we also want to go home . Watch for us. Slow down. Move over . Say hello. Say Happy New Year.

Be safe !

Eat Bray Love ❤

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