I see you….

You were sitting at a red light in your old, falling apart jeep as I stopped and switched my sirens signaling that I was coming through. You didn’t know that my patient was a young man having his second heart attack. You didn’t know that he asked my partner to not let him die…but still you prayed for him. I saw your eyes close and your lips move as you made the symbol of the cross across your chest. You prayed for him. Someone you didn’t know. Who knows, you may have prayed for us as well.

Part of paramedic training is to look at our surroundings so that we don’t get into trouble. I try to notice things. It isn’t the first time I’ve seen people pray. I don’t even care who you are praying to. I care that you stopped what you were doing and thought of another person.

It reassures me to know that you see us as well. Most days, we feel invisible because people dart in front of us and slam on breaks. Seven years in and I still don’t get that- our trucks are HUGE with tons of lights and really loud woo woos…

So it’s reassuring when I know you saw us. Before I got in EMS, I don’t remember seeing that many trucks. But I do remember praying when I did.

My first run in with EMS was at a horse show where a 13 year old went through her reins and they wrapped around her neck as her horse freaked and trampled her. We assumed she was dead but EMS crews saved her.

In these situations, most people see the tragedy and not the saving . There is a ton of saving going on in the field! We do some pretty incredible things.

So …we see you when you see us.

Pray for our patients then pray for us. We see you praying.

See us.

Eat *Bray*Love


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