Darkness, rain and donkey snorts

It’s spring in winter time here in North Carolina. The days are 70 degrees and the nights are 30. After I get the kiddos to bed, the night is me time. I step outside and the harsh cold hits my face as wet as walking under a waterfall. Rain drops fall sporadically but not enough to make you soaked. It’s cold but not winter coat cold- more muck boots, leggings and sweatshirt cold. I stuff some carrots in my pockets and step out. My steps creak and moan , my feet slip slightly on the wet leaves that coat my porch steps. I start down the hill to the main barn where Gracie and the moo cows are. I peek in at the goats as I pass their lot and they make low mumbles as if asking why I’m still awake- I wonder the same thing. I make it to the barn but leave the lights low. I give everyone a scratch and get Pappys food for the night.

Walking to Pappys lot is a trek. Normally the cows are there but we switched them so we could get them vet checked easier. It’s a big barn way at the top of the hill. It’s more designed for cows and goats as it is open and has its own attached pasture. Most nights, I cant make the climb so David feeds him when he gets of work but tonight I felt good.

The air is crisp and I blow out so much steam as I pant up the hill. I stop several times to get my wind. Pappy has his head stretched over the pasture gate and starts braying at me. He sounds quite like his bray is broke as he yawns out “heeeeeeehaaaaawwwww” I open the gate and I am greeted by a big wet head and floppy ears. He prods me knowing I have food and treats . You can so easily focus on the sound of his muzzle moving the grain back and forth. There are no other sounds. The air is still except for the ever so random pitter patter of rain…it is calm. It is the essence of love.

This week is Valentine’s day. What if we can take “me ” time and listen to the raindrops and to pay attention to how the rain lines the leaves and the sound of them sliding under our shoes. Maybe we can focus on that instead of flowers and dinner . There is so much to step back and appreciate. On nights like tonight, in the silence of the barn, I realize that I am so BLESSED.

When was the last time you went outside after dark-after the kids were in bed- just to stop- and to think?

Try it. Write down everything you notice and then rediscover love and your life.


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